对于那些经常去布莱顿海滨度假胜地的人来说,参观汉宁顿庄园无疑是他们旅途中的一站。汉宁顿庄园位于布莱顿的“小巷”中心,这是一系列狭窄的小巷和道路,以其餐厅、商店和传统的英国酒吧而闻名,它们是布莱顿文化和经济的主要组成部分。据估计,每年有800万人参观汉宁顿庄园。前汉宁顿百货公司在大约20年前就关门了,不幸的是,在从那时到现在的很长一段时间里,这栋大楼一直闲置着。由于它的位置是布莱顿的旅游和零售业的中心,百货商店的后部和它的服务庭院已经完全被改造成一条全新的道路,汉宁顿巷。百货商店的前面保留了下来,现在被一些新企业占据了,确保了一个如此重要的地方建筑仍然是当地经济的前沿。汉宁顿巷于2019年4月向公众开放,连接北街、meetinghouse巷和市场街。该项目由13个零售单元、9个公寓和一个名为“弗林特之家”的新餐厅组成,是多个开发公司和建筑师多年工作的成果,旨在创造一个适合布莱顿巷现有文化的新小巷。随着如此多的新建筑的建造,韦斯特里奇建筑有限公司在汉宁顿巷的诞生中起到了至关重要的作用。作为开发的一部分,布莱顿最古老的房子“Puget’s Cottage”再次向公众展示。 “Before the works had been undertaken, the cottage had been hidden away behind the shops on North Street for over 100 years and it needed a lot of restoration work” explains Dave Sinden, Site Manager for the Hanningtons Lane development. “The architecture of Hanningtons Lane was designed to be in keeping with the existing lanes, so these new buildings are very traditionally styled” Dave describes. Mumford & Wood were proud to have been selected as the window supplier for such a notable development. Sash and casement windows as well as French doors from the Conservation range with a range of glazing bar options were installed in the new units as well as a number of buildings that were refurbished at the same time. In keeping with The Lanes style, some of these sash windows are finished in a variety of colours, from reds to greens, colours one may not necessarily associate with windows. Traditional colour finishes also feature, creating a colourful atmosphere, perfectly in keeping with the area. Puget’s Cottage also received a lot of work to restore it to its former glory. As a Grade II listed building, new sash windows from the Mumford & Wood Historic range were approved by the local Conservation Authority. “The new sash windows on Puget’s Cottage are more traditional, conforming to the features of the cottage” Dave explains. Visitors now can enjoy the new amenities available to them on Hannington’s Lane with all the works now complete. “Everyone involved with this development project has been very happy with the quality and appearance of the new windows from Mumford & Wood”, Dave concludes.



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